New snack shop treats Monroe

If someone were to walk to Cravings, downtown Monroe’s new snack shop, they would be greeted by a bright yellow store front with a hand-painted facade brought together with a seasonally decorated window front.

Smells of chocolate and fudge fill the quaint sitting area just inside. The glass display counter is filled with all sorts of snacks ranging from peanut-butter fudge buckeyes, chocolate dipped cherries and 20 different kinds of ice cream– Calder’s and Independent Dairy brands alike.

Owners Shaun and Sheila McGowan opened their doors on Oct. 16. They said  they have been getting a lot of positive feedback from the community and are happy with their choice to open Cravings.

“We’ve kind of always wanted to do something like this,” Mr. McGowan said.

He said he was given his chance when he was laid off after working 20 years in the auto industry.

“One person came in and said we’re like a mini Frankenmuth,” said Mrs. McGowan about their customer feedback.

Carrying everything from chocolate snacks, hotdogs, energy drinks, coffee and even baseball and Magic: The Gathering playing cards, Cravings has a variety of items to offer to a variety of people.

Mr.McGowan said they make nearly all of their sweets in-store.

With seating for up to 14 people while also providing on-the-go foods and drinks, Mr. McGowan said he thinks they can appeal to everyone.

“When people are on their lunch, they don’t have the time to go sit down and eat,” he said.

The McGowan’s also said they are trying to support Michigan by offering as many home-state products as possible.

“We offer Dearborn brand hotdogs; Calder’s and Independent Dairy ice creams, which are made in Monroe,” Mr. McGowan said.

“We both grew up in Monroe and we are not here to get rich; we just want it to pay for itself and make Monroe happy,” Mr. McGowan said.

“We are here to please Monroe, all with a smile,” he said.

The McGowan’s also have a helping hand from their two children, Veronica, 15, and Gabe, 12. They said they also receive a lot of help from Shaun’s sister-in-law, Jan Fritz, who also came up with the Cravings name and slogan “Cravings: Let us satisfy yours!”

For more information, or to order any sweets, call (734) 61-CRAVE. Cravings is located at 31 E. Front St. in downtown Monroe.