Views differ on Pell grant – pro

Tuition paid in full? Check. Books and supplies– such as pencils, notebooks, flash drives and calculators all also paid in full? Check. Some students still angry about their financial aid? Check?
  Semester after semester, year after year, a number of Federal Pell Grant recipients have their higher education paid in full, with funds to spare.
Where do these extra funds go?
Well, to the student in the form of a check. And semester after semester, year after year, there are belligerent, disrespectful and unthankful students angered at not receiving more.
 This semester the anger is directed at not only how much government aid (not necessarily money earned as much as money given) a student qualifying for Pell receives, but when they receive the left-overs.
 In the past, a Pell recipient could pick up their remaining balance on the first day of classes.
Pell recipients, such as myself, would have to either purchase books early out-of-pocket, and essentially be reimbursed by Pell, or wait until the first day of classes to scrounge for used books.
  In a decision made by MCCC administrators, Pell checks will not begin to be mailed until mid-October.
Herein is where some people’s anger begins.
  Education isn’t an entitlement. I’m sorry MCCC is tired of people qualifying for Pell, registering full-time, receiving a check on the first day, then dropping their courses.
  I’m sorry MCCC would like you to receive books on time and get supplies early.
  I’m sorry, most every other school conducts the same Pell process.
I would say to enroll somewhere else, but oh wait, MCCC has one of the cheapest and most competitive credit hour rates in the state.
  And we all know you guys wouldn’t do that; it would result in even less money.
  So thank you MCCC, the federal government, and even the MCCC financial aid office, for the help and opportunity for me to further pursue higher education.