MCCC Volleyball Club learns from loss

Despite losing its inaugural match-up with another collegiate team, the MCCC Volleyball Club came away with some positives.
Despite the loss to Delta College, the ladies played “very well and very hard,” according to club president Amy Terrassi.
“We actually ended up playing their varsity team not club, so considering the circumstances of that as well as being a brand new team, and not having a coach, we did a fairly good job and we had lots of fun.”
The club has a group of talented players who can pretty much play anywhere if needed, Terrassi said. Flexibility is important when you consider that the club currently has only seven committed players.
 Chemistry serves as their biggest strength in these early stages, she said.
 “A majority of us get along very well with each other, and we are all very talented and experienced. Pretty much all of us can play all the way around,” Terrassi said.
Management is still a concern with the club. Without a coach, there is no one to make important decisions from the sidelines and with busy college and work schedules; it is difficult to incorporate much-needed drills and practices.
For now the group must face these challenges without a true mentor.
“We will get there in time,” Terrassi said. “Though it’s not necessary to have a coach, I think it would really help us improve as a team with conditioning skills, plays, set ups, and smart playing.”
She also stresses that there seems to be a lack of commitment right now, which could be strengthened with someone who could grab the reins as a coach. The team may be a bit too lackadaisical in the early going, Terrassi said.
“A laid back attitude that is too laid back doesn’t look good,” she said. 
Stronger commitment from others here at MCCC could bolster the foundation that the club is striving to attain, Terrassi said. Student support is needed to help get an athletic program off the ground.
The loss to Delta College may seem a disappointment to some, but the game brings a fact of history to MCCC that has been missing for a long time. – an intercollegiate sports program. 
The club is looking forward to future tournaments this season, and is currently seeking more games with other colleges.