For unto us a song is born

 As professional composer Patrick Stoyanovich autographed copies of his C.D. after the
first MCCC band concert of the year, he couldn’t help reflecting on the events leading up to this
    It was a story that began when he was just a young boy in junior high and finally ended up in MCCC’s Meyer Theater with the world premiere of his song, “Bright Angel Descending.”
    Stoyanovich wrote the song for his junior high band director, J. Michael Loveridge, the person responsible for fostering the professional composer’s career.
    It was Loveridge who taught Stoyanovich how to play his very first instrument, the French horn.
    “He was one of the people who started me in music,” Stoyanovich said. “I really admired him.”
    Stoyanovich is now the composer in residence at St. James Cathedral of Seattle. He was educated in Monroe schools through high school, and he attended the University of Michigan, Yale University, and the American Conservatory in France.
    He started composing songs in college, about 25 years ago.
   The first Agora Chorale and College/Community Symphony Band concert of the year, “Mentors and Heroes,” was a tribute to Michael Loveridge, who passed away four years ago at the age of 64.
   When the MCCC band contacted Stoyanovich about writing a piece as a tribute to Loveridge, there was no doubt in his mind that this was one final he would be able to honor his late mentor.
    “When the idea came up, I was very much interested,” he said. “I greatly appreciate the opportunity to do this, and I would love to come back and do some solo or ensemble concert.”
   Stoyanovich wasn’t the only person who felt Loveridge’s impact.
    “(Loveridge) taught students to love music,” Mark Felder, director of the College/Community Symphony Band, said. “He inspired so many before he left us.”
“Mike and I would finish band rehearsal, and we would go out and sail until sunup,” Felder said.    “Somehow we were never tired.”
    “Mike’s boat was called the ‘Isle of View,'” Felder said. “Said fast, the ‘I love you.’ That’s just the kind of guy Mike was.”
    The band performed the song, “Fantasy on American Sailing Songs,” in tribute to Loveridge’s love for sailing.
    Stoyanovich’s song followed it.
    “The song’s personality is that it’s like a film score; it will remind you of a movie with its drums, rhythm, and a beautiful melody at the same time,” Stoyanovich said.
   When Mark Felder, MCCC choir director, announced the world premiere of his song Stoyanovich stood and proudly nodded his head at the applause that rang out in the packed Meyer Theater.
    “Music is a living art,” Felder said that night. “Until it is performed, it doesn’t exist.”
     “(This song) will be born for the first time for you tonight.”
    With the sound of applause in his ears, Stoyanovich took a seat to watch as the College/Community Symphony Band brought “Bright Angel Descending” into existence.