Staying healthy on campus in fall flu season

With many students getting sick, the time has come to think about our health.

MCCC recommends that students stay home if they are suffering flu-like symptoms.

“I think it’s kind of cool. I wouldn’t want to come to school and give the flu to anybody else,” said Jase Sancrainte, a student at MCCC.

With many other illnesses going around, people are still in classes while under the weather.

Some students are aware of the risk of sickness this time of year and adjust for it.

“I drink plenty of water. I wash my hands a lot,” said Derek Virley, a student  at MCCC.

Some students begin to alter their habits to do healthier things.

“I drink less coffee and start drinking more tea,” said Emilio Ramos, also a student.

With a little precaution, students and faculty can avoid getting sick, and help prevent the spread of illness as well.

• Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water. Water can help keep your system clean and your body functioning properly.

• Exercise. Walk a little more than usual, go to the gym at the college, anything to get your body moving a bit more.

• Eat healthy, balanced meals. People can’t live on granola bars and candy alone. Grab some fresh fruit and vegetables sometimes. If you can’t manage a balanced diet, at least take some vitamins or some sort of supplement to keep your body in good shape. Having the right vitamins and minerals can help fight off sickness.
• Wash your hands often. Keeping your hands clean can help prevent the spread of sickness to other people. Remember how many things you touch that other students do, from doors to keyboards.

• Carry a small container of hand sanitizer with you. Washing your hands isn’t always convenient, but if you have hand sanitizer nearby you can rub a little on your hands and kill germs rapidly.

So, keep these tips in mind, help stop the spread of sickness and protect yourself from catching anything bad.