Zombieland Review

 From slow shuffles and monotone moaning to ravenous running and snarling screams, zombies have captivated audience’s attention for over 70 years on the silver screen. The newest entry into zombie flicks, “Zombieland,” offers plenty of laughs for the audience to sink their teeth into (pun intended).

We follow the story through the narration of a survivor of the zombie apocalypse (or zombocalypse as I like to call it), who is alive not because of his brawn but his brains. We know him only by his hometown– Columbus, played by Jesse Eisenberg.

He is the quintessential scrawny college geek who is bad with confrontation and even worse with the ladies. Columbus explains he is alive because he follows a list of strict, but simple rules. Rules like “check the backseat” and “double-tap,” where you always make sure to shoot twice, preferably in the head.

He is eventually paired up with Tallahassee, played by Woody Harrelson, who is a loudmouthed redneck with a knack for zombie killing. Tallahassee’s ultimate goal, other than survival, is to have one last Twinkie because “someday, life’s little Twinkie gauge is gonna go empty.”

Harrelson is the leading comedic role in the film, having several hilarious scenes, including one with a celebrity cameo which I will not spoil for those who have yet to see the film—Harrelson is the saving grace to the majority of the comedic value.

The overarching storyline becomes apparent when two sisters hijack the guys’ ride and weapons. Columbus predictably falls in love with the older of the two sisters, and the movie becomes one of those “looser guy loves hot girl” fiascos– but with zombies. This would have been annoying, but the clever and funny dialog and situational comedy balance out the cheesy love story.

My main complaint with the story was the idea these characters are, as the movie suggests, the only survivors of the zombocalypse. Zombie aficionados could complain for days about the chances of survival of some of the group’s decisions, but hopefully they keep the mindset of it being a comedy– a very funny one at that.

Through the laughs and gore, “Zombieland” does indeed deliver a great movie experience, and earns 8.5/10.