LAN Club offers camaraderie to computer students

 The MCCC LAN Club is off to a fresh start with new members in charge for the year.

The club is full of computer students seeking to improve the experience of the students at MCCC while helping the community.

Dale Risden was recently elected the  club’s president.

“I believe in the club and what it is trying to accomplish,” Risden said.

Many people think the name stands for local area network, but it actually is Lambda Alpha Nu.

“I want to make sure that it didn’t fall by the wayside and that it did get moved forward and grew in strength,” Risden said. “I have a background in management and I felt that some of my skills could be used in helping the group grow and get a better foundation.”

“I believe that it’s a good club to be a part of. The fact that they are trying to stretch peoples’ boundaries and get them to know that they need to socialize and not only just do their job but they need to have skills of socialization,” Risden said.

The LAN Club also is a good place for making friends and connections, he said.

One of the good things about the LAN Club is that the members come from a variety of places.

“I like the fact that it gives us an opportunity to get to meet more people,” Risden said.
The LAN Club is currently looking for new members, and all students are welcome to join.

“The club is open to all students. We just have to get past the fact that people think that because it’s a computer club, that’s the only students we are looking for,” he said.

“If we can draw people in that aren’t necessarily techies, then that will give a base for providing a comfort level for the people that are tech savvy and don’t have the social skills. It gives them the opportunity to mingle and gain a knowledge of both sides and a comfort level of both sides.”

Phil Borawski is the co-president of the LAN Club.

“I joined the LAN Club because I like their tag line. The tag line is, ‘Geeks who like to socialize,'” Borawski said.

Phil has been a member of the LAN Club for about a year. He is loyal to the club.

“To me, LAN Club is too important to just sit back and let somebody else make decisions to effect how it could be run,” he said.

The LAN Club is a good place for passing on computer knowledge, or for people looking to learn, Barowski said.

“It’s geek heaven,” he said.

Kristina Kuhman is the LAN Club’s secretary.

“I like the club because it is very laid back,” she said. 

The LAN club is good for people who don’t have a club on campus already, she said.

It’s also a good place to draw knowledge from, Kuhman said.

“There are a lot of people with a lot of knowledge I can draw from,” she said.
The club is good for anybody who wants to learn about computers, from gaming, graphics or even just basic help, she said.

“There’s a lot of friends that can be made in this group.”