Sci-Fi Crimes Review

The heavy pounding bass line that makes Chevelle the band it is within the heavy rock world is obviously present in the band’s fifth studio album Sci-fi Crimes. However, it isn’t an album that is a necessity to a collection as Wonder What’s Next (2002) was. The generic Chevelle sound is recurrent within most songs, giving a good portion of the album a boring, rolling drone, but there are some tracks that give the album life. 
 “Jars,” the first released single from the album, is getting great radio airplay, which is much deserved because it has a unique riff that captivates listeners from the get-go. The interesting thing about song is the Pete Loeffler, guitarist and lead-singer, as well as the oldest of the brothers, was able to keep the low, deep tone, while throwing in the e-string bridge string to make the song fun.
 The way the song was written, as well as the other good tracks of the album, takes what made the band famous, but adds the little guitar riffs and licks that are able to revive what alternative metal means. The deep bass line still gives the metal aspect of the band’s work, and the drumming gives the album a slow, rolling pace. 
 The guitar, however, is what makes this album hit and miss. “Mexican Sun,” for example, has a good, deep riff with a great chorus to keep a good flow. Then we move to the first song, “Sleep Apnea,” which was, plainly, boring. The same sound over and over left nothing for anyone to latch on to. There are some great licks, but the bulk of the album was a chore to listen to.