Ohio State Season Preview

Ohio State losing to USC in the early stages of the season set the tempo for the rest of the season. Jim Tressel’s squad will do well this season, but will round out the top three in the Big Ten with losses to Michigan and Penn State.
Terrelle Pryor is going to be make-or-break for the Buckeye’s offense. The mobile quarterback has started the season with 613 yards passing and four touchdowns. He also leads the team in rushing with 176 yards. Although he was able to throw against Toledo, he won’t be as productive in the pocket against Big Ten foes. Tressel is going to have to step up the other pieces of the running attack if the offense hopes to make a statement this season.
Ohio State has a nice schedule for the midsection of the season, with a slew of winnable games against Illinois, Indiana, Purdue and Minnesota. Wisconsin may be a test, but the real toughies won’t come until the last three games of the season.
Games to watch: Penn State will be the first time, aside from USC of course, to show the Buckeyes a really tough defensive stand. Joe Paterno’s Nittany Lions will easily handle Pryor, and win 24-10 at home.
After a rough road game, the Bucks will head back to the Horseshoe to take on Iowa. The Hawkeyes will play a very tough game, and will give the Buckeyes a run for their money. Pryor will be able to perform this game, and will throw for 200+ yards, giving the Buckeyes an edge in this offensive shoot-out. Ohio State will take it 28-24.
Then the bus takes Tressel’s boys to Ann Arbor to face the Wolverines. The offense will get some breaks, but will still struggle against Rodriguez’s tight defense. Michigan will take a victory in the Big House 24-21, closing Ohio State’s regular season at (9-3).