New volleyball coach needed

In just their third year, the Volleyball  Club here at MCCC is breaking barriers. For the first time since the 1970s, competitive sports will once more exist.
Amy Terassi, a nursing student here at MCCC, has taken the reins as president of the MCCC Volleyball club which began in 2007 under the guidance of Amy’s twin sister Elizabeth.
With the help of Randy Daniels the girls have already scheduled a match with Delta College of Michigan. “We would like to reinstate athletics.” Amy said. “Our goal right now is to get more competitive, and start playing other college club teams.” 
Lack of leadership apparently has slowed the club’s progress from the start. Many of the girls athletes leave high school sports accustomed a stricter regimen highlighted by a having coaches. The volleyball club is, according to Terassi, is “a chance for students to play again.” Flyers have been posted around the campus, while the club is attempts to organize practices. Amy firmly stated “In order to start in organizing more games we need the interest and we need girls to start showing up for organized practices.” Practices are tentatively scheduled on Monday and Thursday each week at 8 PM and 5 PM respectively. These practices are pertinent if the club is to incorporate more college matchups. The club team has also scheduled 3 tournaments this fall and winter, with the first beginning here at the Gerald Welch Health Education in the gymnasium. The tournament will start at 9 AM.
The word is getting around about the MCCC Volleyball Club via MCCC Broadcasting Club and Dream 97-5, as well as the Monroe Evening News. The team could use some support. Terassi wants to reach out and say “Hey! Come out and watch us! Come support us!” The club president adds, “We have a lot of people getting hyped up about it. I think it’ll really draw the community if they know that we have competitive play going on.” College competitions should bring more interest to the sport as it develops.
The Club is considering charging a two to five dollar entrance fee, and according to Amy it will “help with funds we need down the road.”
“If the enthusiasm stays high and people help out to keep it organized, the club will be will be successful.” She concludes, “We have a lot of great athletes in the Monroe County area who go here.” And being able to participate in such a program will be beneficial to students and the college.,  “I think that reinstating athletics is going to draw people in even more.”