Hideous and Perfect Review

The latest addition to the Angelspit discography, Hideous and Perfect brings a new sound to the playing field.
 Angelspit is an industrial/electronic body music band from Sydney, Australia.  The band consists of ZooG and DestroyX, two artists that often combine cyberpunk, horror and medical imagery.
 While Hideous and Perfect feels very familiar, it is a departure from the sound many Angelspit fans are used to. Change is good though, and Hideous and Perfect proves it.  The album often mimics past releases from Angelspit, which makes it feel like an extension of their older releases. 
 KMFDM is an industrial band that formed in 1984 and has since inspired many bands.  The influence of KMFDM can be seen on Hideous and Perfect.  The album has more prominent use of male lyrics that previous works of Angelspit.
 The song “As It Is in Heaven” shows an even more drastic change from the standard Angelspit sound-with a very mellow, slow beat to it, with very dark lyrics that seem to rebel against the rest of the song.
 The lyrics in Hideous and Perfect tend to focus around money and greed, with song names like “Cold Hard Cash” and “Making Money.”  One song even brings up the greed of corporations with lawsuits over college students breaching copyrights over the internet.  While the album still has the rebellious tone that previous Angelspit albums have, Hideous and Perfect goes further on showing a message.
 While the music is great, the packaging to Hideous and Perfect alone is worth the price of admission.  The great photography shows the artistic side of the band, including ZooG and DestroyX in medically inspired cyberpunk-esque outfits.
 For those interested, Angelspit will be touring the United States this fall with KMFDM.  They will be stopping at Harpos in Detroit on Oct 2.