College smoking policy moves students to parking lots

As of Aug. 1, smoking is prohibited on campus grounds and is only allowed in the parking lots.  
Many students tend to forget the new policy when they light up.
If students are caught smoking on campus grounds, they will be given a friendly reminder that smoking is restricted to the parking lot areas only.
“The main thing is to get everyone informed of the new policy and students are also encouraged to help by reminding them also,” said Bill Myers, supervisor of Campus Security.
Smoking is prohibited in all college buildings and is subject to all applicable laws, including federal and state “clean air” acts. MCCC trustees have implemented a smoking policy because it is a public place.
Students who are repeat offenders smoking in the prohibited areas will be directed to the dean of students or vice president. School officials are still trying to figure out what steps to follow with a repeat offender, because this policy is so new.
“Its not a serious issue yet. We have had to give out a lot of reminders, but people have been good about it,” said Randy Daniels, vice president of Student and Information Services.
“Usually the beginning of each year I would get complaints about people walking through smoke to get to the door. With this new policy, I haven’t gotten any complaints.”
Beginning Aug. 1, 2010, smoking will be prohibited on all college grounds.