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Racist images shock students

This image from the exhibition expresses the fear of interracial marriage, which was one of the major objections to the desegregation of schools, libraries, clubs – even churches. It was found on a white supremicist web site in 2006. The MCCC library often showcases beautiful art, colorful vases, three dimensional […]


Racism in America: When will it end?

MCCC held a forum over the summer titled The Confederate Flag: A Symbol of Oppression? and gave panel members the opportunity to discuss the nation’s feelings toward the infamous flag. President Kojo Quartey moderated a panel of three — MCCC student Michael Sexton, community member Selma Rankin, and MCCC Board […]


Panel discusses race relations of Monroe

A cafeteria panel today discussed what racism is and how it’s affecting Monroe. “FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real,” said Eric Tucker when discussing fear and its role in current police brutality in the US. The six panel members introduced by President Kojo Quartey discussed race relations […]