Author: Abbie Lancaster


Abbie Lancaster

I have been attending MCCC for four semesters (including this one). I am planning to transfer as an English major in the fall to either Eastern Michigan University or Georgetown University. My dream career goals include obtaining my doctorate and becoming a professor as well as acquiring a government position […]


Best Movies of 2018

Hereditary focuses on the relationships between the Graham family, and their reactions to deaths they face. The thriller begins with a wide shot of a dollhouse, and as the camera zooms in audiences see it is actually the Graham family home. This shot suggests the family members are nothing more than […]


State of Decay fresh as ever

Today’s tale is not out to frighten, but instead use the characters’ reality to unsettle the audience. Those of you who know me won’t be surprised that today’s feature, “State of Decay”, is a Doctor Who story. Now, originally, this was going to be the 20th installment of this series, […]