Jerry Meade

Hey, it’s Jerry! Not short for Jerald, pronounced just like the infamous comedian/90s sitcom star.

I graduated from State Line Christian school, and as soon as I started my first semester at MCCC I knew I’d want to be a part of the Agora. I plan on getting a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, but love to write and want to learn as much skills in this field as possible to incorporate that into the paper as well as future job opportunities.

To give you a brief bio about me: my interests are always somewhat fluctuating. But for now I’m really into music, reading, anime and meeting new people.

My love for music didn’t really solidify until this past year when I first started listening to the Beatles. I dabble with the ukulele, mostly to try my hand at imitating the vocal styling of Lennon and McCartney. Listening to the fab four opened my eyes to oldies music, and since then I’ve been fascinated with musical history, going from decade-to-decade, finding a different video essay covering the topic practically weekly on YouTube.

Anime is just out of this world. From the in-depth plot lines, amazing animation, and cliffhangers galore, I’d take it over live-action American television any day. I could go in depth for pages, but I’ll save you the time. Check out Full-metal Alchemist Brotherhood sometime and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Reading was often a hobby of mine in high school, and I’m trying to make time to keep that trend going in college. I enjoy sci-fi novels, mysteries, and even some non-fiction, depending on the topic. I can read for hours while listening to lo fi beats on Spotify, as long as my phone’s not too close to distract me.

If you see me around you might not think I’m that into meeting others but I’m just bad at icebreakers. I look forward to going to class (as lame as it sounds) to get to know others my age, share ideas, and all-around become more informed of the world around me. I often think I’m an extrovert trapped in an introvert’s body. So if you pass me by, say hey. You’d be surprised at how quick my melancholy resting face can change to a bit more pleasant smile.