Noah Black

Salutations, my name is Noah Black. I’ve been a student at MCCC for two years now, and planning on going strong until I feel I’ve reached my goal.

This is my first semester writing on the Agora, but I’ve had plenty of writing experience as a current Writing Fellow for the college.

I don’t have a lot of hobbies other than those which are most common — T.V., video games, and such. My favorite game is “Bloodborne.” I have some of the Caryll runes from the game tattooed on my left arm, but not all of them. Yet. My music tastes range all over the place, from classic opera to modern rap and swing music.

One thing that I do whenever I have time away from work and school is run my YouTube channel, called TheArcWielder. I run two series: “Prime Time Preservation,” which documents the history of older television shows, and “The Wheel of Misinformation,” where I discuss and debunk videos talking about pseudoscience and conspiracy theories.

I’m eager to aid the Agora as much as I can and look forward to seeing what I can provide for the readers across MCCC.