Student window design winners

Cheyanne Abel’s winning design for the Earth Science / Geology window (Art courtesy of Cheyanne Abel)

While many of us at MCCC hope to leave behind some kind of lasting impression,there are five students whose contribution to the school will be enjoyed for generations to come.

For the past few months, students with either art or graphic design abilities were invited to enter the Student Window Design Competition.

The only caveat of the competition was that students were asked to feature one of the areas of study in the L Building.

On Friday, Dec. 8, Director of Campus Facilities, Jack Burns announced the winners.

•    Susan Grant Mathematics
•    Megan Engle Chemistry, Psychology
•    Dasie Justice Biology
•    Daniel Witzke Physics
•    Cheyanne Abel Earth Science (Geology)

According to Burns, the windows will be installed in the corridor over in the Life Sciences Building where the addition and the existing building join together.

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