Millage fails, tuition raised


Tuition for the 2015 fall semester at MCCC has been increased 7 percent.

"Voters voted against the millage; one consequence is to raise tuition," President Kojo Quartey said.

The Board of Trustees, meeting on Tuesday, April 7, unanimously agreed to raise tuition for a Monroe County resident from $95 to $102 per contact hour. The proposal was made by board member Bill Bacarella.

Tuition for a non-resident students was increased from $163 to $177. For out-of-state students, it was raised from $181 to $197.

Vice President Suzanne Wetzel said that between state aid, county tax and tuition, only tuition could be controlled.

"We cut everything that we could cut," she said.

Although most board members agreed that the increase would not be enough, there was concern that too much of a raise could hurt enrollment.

"If we raise tuition too high, then students won't come," board member Mary K. Thayer said.

The technology fee was also raised from $12 to $20.