Welding program grows

 At MCCC, Accelerated Beginning Weld­ing Courses are now being offered to the stu­dents at the Welding Center on Hurd Rd.

This ten-week course is expected to pre­pare its participants for numerous jobs, such as welders, solderers, brazers and cutters.

“The Accelerated Welding Program was created to train unemployed and dislocated workers to become welders,” said Joseph Czapiewski, the coordinator of the Welding Grant.

There are currently 190 students participat­ing in the class; of whom 129 will be granted certification.

Some of the other students found jobs, causing them to drop the course. Other stu­dents didn’t finish all the required assign­ments to gain the certification.

All students enrolled in the program will earn 12 credit hours. Also, if the students complete all projects in the class, they can receive three different certifications; Level I Entry Welding (AWS QC10), Level II Ad­vanced Welder (AWS QC11), and Level III Expert Welder (AWS QC12).

These certifications will allow employers to know that students meet certain minimum requirements.

Two months after meeting these require­ments, students will receive their certifica­tions. Students will also still be asked to per­form a weld test prior to employment.

Ventower, a new Monroe business, also will be looking at certified students from MCCC for employment opportunities.

Jason Karamol and Justin Schmidt will be instructing these courses on campus. Kar­amol is a Certified Welding Inspector and instructor; he is also a graduate of Owens Community College.

Schmidt, who is certified in welding and cold water extraction, graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Welding Engineering Technology.

The new welding programs are opening many doors for students.