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Poetry Night

The stage was set on the second floor lobby of the C-Building

The flickering flameless candles lightened the table top as soft jazz played in the background, while students started to gather together.

The baked goods were available and the sign-up sheets began to gain autographs. Strangers sat down and engaged in conversations.

This was the vibe at Poetry Night which was held in the newly renovated C Building that took place Oct. 27.

Assistant professor of English, Lori Couch, was applauded afterwards for her efforts and time invested into Poetry Night.

Jewell Mason was the event’s master of ceremonies.

Couch said last winter’s turnout was not bad when they held it in the Cellar, but was hoping for a better turnout since Covid-19.

(from left) Kline Peare, Shea Peare, Sydney Spicer, Douglas Roderick.

The One Book, One Community of Monroe County drawing winner was Emily Klyder and she won a copy of “The River.”

Kline Peare, Shea Peare, Sydney Spicer and Douglas Roderick won best costume and received a gift basket.