Comedian Andy Peters comes home

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Monroe has hometown talent and it’s a comedian. 

Andy Peters, a graduate of Monroe High School in 2000, recently had a stand-up comedy show at MCCC in the La-Z-Boy Center.

Peters said his family, his wife’s family and friends from high school were attending to see him.  He said it was definitely a family affair. 

Peters said he didn’t have to do much inviting with social media such as Facebook, the show was being advertised and people started to buy tickets right away. 

“I’m always promoting on getting my shows out into the open through online. It’s some people I always see, but I also work on getting new people to see me,” Peters said. 

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Andy Peters performing at the comedy club, Dry Bar, in Los Angeles, Calif.

Peters said he uses his “Drybar” videos to promote people to see him on stage. The DryBar is a comedy club in Los Angeles, Calif. 

“I like the ability to take your material and perform it as it was the first time,” Peters said. “I like the feeling of hanging out with crowd and having a conversation than it sounding rehearsed.” 

His first time on stage was for a contest in college at Central Michigan University (CMU). He said his friend signed him up and he had no idea about it. Peters described himself as an introvert, but on stage he is very upbeat.

“I remember telling a joke about how my mom was a soccer mom,” he said. 

Peters said he started his career in Seattle, Wash., and he developed a support system while being an upcoming comedian. 

There were five to six comedians such as himself who would get together in a coffee shop and boost ideas off each other.

“It was a real group that met together every day,” he said.

He said moving to L.A. is different now.

“It’s every man for himself,” Peters said. 

“Los Angeles and Monroe are very different from each other,” Peters said. “Monroe you can go to Meijer and see everyone you know, meanwhile in L.A  you live two miles from someone and don’t see them in two years.” 

Los Angeles and Monroe are where he has a lot of supporters, but he said he also has fans across the country. 

“I have loyal fans who travel to come see my shows,” he said.

Through Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, Peters said fans will ask him what cities his shows are going to be at — some travel to nearby venues to see his performances.

The thing he’s itching to try is screenwriting, directing and storytelling through film. 

“I think that’s more an evolution to do that,” Peters said. “It’s the ultimate L.A. goal for me right now.”

For those who want to get into stand-up comedy, Peters said don’t ever talk yourself out of it. You just have to find out what works for you.

“To get on stage and just start talking is simple as it is, whatever you need find within yourself is right there,” Peters said. “Just do it.”